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Job Interview Questions and Resources

Free job interview advice including the most common job interview questions, job interview tips, job interview etiquette, sample correspondence and other job interview guidelines to help you succeed in getting more job offers.

Now that you have landed an interview, its time to get prepared.  This site provides common interview questions and answers about the job interview process including:

  • Sample job interview questions that may be asked in an interview.

  • Helpful guidelines for job interview preparation

  • Discussion of the various types of job interviews

  • Guidelines for proper job interview etiquette

  • Tips for obtaining job interviews

  • Interview questions to ask the interviewer

  • Interview frequently asked questions

  • Writing thank you letters and the post interview process

Interview Questions Tips and Examples... 

Plan for having the right attitude, not the right answers.

Most certainly, you will run into a series of common job interview questions throughout the job search process.  To help prepare yourself for the interview, it is helpful to be aware of the possible questions that may be asked.  This doesn't mean that you should always have a scripted answer, but if you are mentally prepared for the job interview questions that may come, your chances of producing an impressive answer will help you land that job.   More about Job Interview Questions

Questions to Ask the Job Interviewer...

You may be prepared for the job interview questions by the interviewer, but have you prepared some questions to ask the interviewer.  Most interviewers pay close attention to the questions that a job seeker will ask during the course of the job interview. More about Questions to Ask the Job Interviewer

Job Interview Etiquette...

You may be prepared to answer job interview questions but are you prepared for your job interview?  Many people don't realize that having good job interview etiquette is very important when delivering a first impression and makes a strong impact on the success of your interview.  Learn what to do and what not do during an interview.  More about Job Interview Etiquette

Before the job interview... Are you prepared?

You have put in your time preparing your resume and cover letter.  You sent them out and set up some interviews.  You outlined common job interview questions.  Why stop now?  It is time to mentally and physically prepare for the interview process.  

Make sure you have things in order before you speak with the interviewer on the phone or go into the company for a face-to-face interview.  Be prepared for group interviews or committee interviews.   More about Interview Preparation


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