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Interview Questions

Sample interview questions

... Plan for having the right attitude, not the right answers.

If the interview is more formal than casual, the interview questions may be phrased differently but similar things may be asked of you. There are hundreds of standard interview questions.  Many more of the most popular interview questions are outlined below.  

1.  What is it that interests you about this job?

2.  What are your future work goals and how do you plan to attain them?

3.  What are your greatest strengths and/or weaknesses?

4.  What do you consider and ideal job for you?

5.  What are your short and long term goals in life?

6.  What have been your greatest accomplishments at previous jobs?

7.  What are the things about your work that motivate you?

8.  Do you work well individually and with a team/group of people?

Often times you will get asked direct interview questions about information on your resume or general questions that pertain to information on your resume, such as:

1.  You say that you are capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously. Can you explain how you handled multiple tasks in a previous position?

2.  Your resume states that you are a good communicator.  How would you help to open up communications in our company?

3.  Your previous experience is the automotive industry.  Are you going to be capable of transitioning into the manufacturing industry and how will you accomplish this?

4.  Your resume states that you were a top salesman in your company.  How much did you sell? Did you reach your quotas?  How did you compare to other salesman?  How will you be able to help us sell our product?

Of course, each individual will get asked different interview questions based on the type of job, level of job (executive, entry, mid-level) and industry.  It is always a good idea to review your resume and mentally prepare yourself to expand on statements you have made in your resume with examples.

If you state you are an expert in your field, then be able to explain why.
If you state that you are a proven leader.  Explain why and provide the proof.
If you state that you improved accounts receivables. What steps did you take to make meet this achievement?

Try to avoid a canned response to these questions.  Try to incorporate your experience in the answer so that the answer is genuine.



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